Online Dating Helped Me Find My Soul mate

I thank my stars that I am born in an age when online dating is no longer restricted or confined to limited group of people like even a few decades ago. Here in Japan, last couple of decades has seen Japanese boys and girls come out of their conservative shells and interact with unknown strangers by online means in their search of their love partners.

I met her online

I found Aika by similar means i.e., through an online dating Japan website. I had enrolled my name in this particular website just for fun, but then while going through the members’ profiles, Aika’s profile caught my attention and I messaged her.

The experience was fun

The online dating Japan was a fun filled experience where we would share interesting facts about each other and get to know each other properly. While I was busy dating Aika online, I always had the fear about the true identity of the girl with whom I was dating. After dating for about a couple of months online, we finally met. That is when the fear of fake identity went off my mind.
Like me, many young men of Japan are getting their true loves by means of online dating in the modern day Japan.

How To Benefit From An Online Dating Website In Japan

Over the last few years so many online dating Japan sites have been launched in Japan which makes it easy for young people like us to find the right partner for ourselves. These online dating services have been playing an instrumental role in connecting young men and women. I can tell my story wherein I found Sayuri through one of the online dating Japan services.

After signing into one of the most popular dating sites, I chatted and interacted with a lot of single girls, but none suited my requirements. I always knew that online dating services would get me my dream partner as they have a huge database of likeminded singles and finding the right one was just a matter of time.

Finally the wait was over

When I finally got the profile of Sayuri, and tried to interact with her, I found her to be a typical Jap girl who didn’t like going out to bars and clubs for short term dating experiences. Also, she seemed to be very loyal to her family and she made it very clear that she would meet me only when she would have decided to love me and marry me, yet again another typical characteristic of a Japanese spinster.

Benefits of online dating

While dating online, I never had to spend any money as the online dating Japan site was offering free of charge services. This was not the case with all the online dating websites. Many of my friends had to pay a membership amount to other sites for dating online. Also, during the six months of online dating, before I finally met Sayuri in a gathering, I never had to worry about what to wear and how to get groomed as online dating gave me the leverage of dating a girl without being physically present.

Online Dating Brought Akira Close to Me

No wonder I also followed the path of online dating like most of the youngsters my age, as social media and online dating sites has taken over social lives for us. But dating found a new meaning for me, as I went through all possibilities of online dating in Japan. It was in those days when I was studying electronics in Japan, when I was exploring online dating Japan after a tiring day at the university. As I was studying people around me, and especially girls I would have wanted to flirt with, I found out that I would have to rely more on online dating than other methods to get a life. You would wonder why. Well, there are more than one reasons.

The Japanese style of dating

Firstly, Japanese girls though not introvert or shy, are quite conventional when it comes to dating. They prefer to follow the traditional route. Often they travel and do outing in groups of same sex friends. While traveling too, they do not talk straightly or forwardly to any men, and often approach slowly. Flirting is definitely practiced but in groups, where groups of men and women mingle together in public places. If among the group a couple finds more interested to talk separately, then they continue to meet a few more times in public places while enjoying healthy movie watching or dining activities or light traveling, before moving on to serious dating.
Secondly, they rely a lot on texting and online communication till they feel fit to date seriously. That is why; I took to the online way to grab a bigger bite of the social group dating.

Online dating in Japan was interesting

It was fun. Japanese dating sites were really exciting with lots of dating games, friendly interface, and lot of tools to chat and share things, and make the whole experience interesting. The texting and chatting that Jap girls and chaps prefer is well enjoyed through these dating sites, and with the addition of cool and efficient Japanese webcams for video chatting, dating has become more exciting.

I started it all as a fun game. I enrolled to a few Japanese dating sites, and then started communicating with a few Japanese cuties, till I felt hooked on to Akira. She was also looking through several options till she found me. Both of us liked each other, and had long hours of chat. I remember chatting after completing my studies at night, and then we continued to chat till 2 am. We could have called also. But then, the option of video chatting was there in online chatting at a much affordable rate, which encouraged us more to chat on.

Finally we met

After talking and texting for almost 3 months, finally we decided to meet. Till that time we were both serious and wanted to eagerly date. We went to a dating hotel to spend some nice time. After that we met frequently, and either went to clubs or movies or for a coffee. Sometimes we went to dating hotels too for some intimate space, until I proposed to her. Now she has come up with me to Italy, and we are well settled here after being married for 2 years.

Online Dating Makes Dating Easy And Simple

Nowadays online dating sites are the easiest and most preferred option if someone is looking for Japanese girls for dating. Going by the tradition, Japanese girls would hardly come to meet you in the public, and if at all they do, they will be coming in a group. So, if someone wants to interact with a Japanese girl all by her, alone, online dating Japan is the best option. That is exactly how I got closer to Naomi, the love of my life.

Prerequisites of an online dating session

As a part of online dating Japan, I had registered myself in one of the famous online dating portals of Japan and had created my ID for easy chatting and interacting. Out of the many girls’ profile that I went through, Naomi’s profile was the one I liked the most. She had given a photo of hers wearing a red kimono which made her look like the most beautiful girl of Japan in my eyes.

Is she real?

While we were doing online dating, Takashi, my friend suggested me that I should be sure about dating the right girl and not an imposter who was fooling around behind the curtains of the internet. As per Takashi’s advice I requested Naomi if we could meet one day, but she said that it was too early for her to meet a stranger like me. I always knew that being a typical Japanese girl she would not want to meet me till the time she has gathered enough information about me and has decided that she would continue to date me and even love me.
I respected her values irrespective of the constant warnings of Takashi that this girl could be a fraud. I always had to take that risk as every other day you get to read so many incidences of fake IDs being used in internet by so many people. Once I told Naomi about this fear of me and my friend, and that is when to my utter surprise, she agreed to meet me.

Benefits of online dating

During our sessions of online dating Japan, I had no requirements to be decked up properly and that was a true benefit of the online dating program. Even for my friends who had been dating so many girls online I had seen this, that it is such an inexpensive method of dating women. All you need is an active internet connection and an online date. However, you also need to have proper communication skills as the person with whom you are dating online would like or dislike you basis your communication skills and styles only. That ways I could impose my impression well on Naomi during my online dating period with her.

Online dating helped me a great deal in knowing about my prospect partner and that too without spending a lot of time in the parks or spending a lot of Yen on the food bills. As it is Japanese girls would not open up so easily otherwise. Thank you online dating for getting me to meet the girl of my dreams!