Todd Murray quoted in Minnesota Lawyer article about the increased need for consumer lawyers

April 15, 2009 by Todd Murray · Leave a Comment 

Minnesota Lawyer recently published an article about the increased need for consumer lawyers in the current economic climate. The article discussed the rise in debt collection lawsuits being initiated and some of the problems this has caused for consumers.

I was quoted several times in the article, which also featured quotes from fellow consumer lawyers Nick Slade and Sam Glover:

Minneapolis consumer attorney Todd Murray is fielding a lot of calls as well, many relating to issues surrounding garnishment. “There are a lot of people out there who the economy has hit pretty hard and who are having problems with debt collection.”

According to Murray, garnishment statutes tend to favor creditors, particularly the statutes involving exemptions. “A lot of times exempt funds are seized…and the process to resolve it is sort of this ping-pong process,” he said. “This often can take weeks to resolve and meanwhile the account is frozen and overdraft fees pile up.”

Murray added that while creditors are pushing hard to keep the arbitration process in place, many consumer advocate groups have targeted mandatory arbitration as “No. 1″ on their list of things to change.

If you’re in Minnesota and have been sued or garnished by a debt collector and need help defending yourself, please contact me.

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