FDCPA and Wrongful Repossession claims

I handle all FDCPA and wrongful repossession cases on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that you don’t have to pay me anything up front–my fees come from the money I recover for you if you win your case or accept a negotiated settlement. And if your case is unsuccessful, you don’t pay me any legal fees. A contingency fee allows you to stand up for your rights without having to worry about where you’re going to get the money to pay a lawyer.

I offer a free case evaluation for all potential FDCPA and wrongful repossession cases. During this initial meeting, I’ll listen while you tell me what happened, review any documents you have, and explain your legal options. And if I advise you that a lawsuit is appropriate, we’ll talk about whether that’s the right move for you.

Collection defense (lawsuits, judgments, and garnishments)

My Fee Philosophy

Most lawyers use an old-fashioned hourly billing model, which has several major drawbacks for clients:

(1) You don’t know what the total cost will be at the beginning of the representation. Lawyers that bill by the hour will happily tell you how much they charge per hour, but almost never will give you the total cost of the job up front. So hiring a lawyer that bills by the hour is kind of like agreeing to buy a car before knowing the final price.

(2) Hourly billing rewards lawyers for the longer they can drag out your case, even though you just want it resolved as quickly as possible. And when you hire a lawyer that bills by the hour, you have to worry about them charging you for everything–even quick calls and emails.

(3) Hourly billing usually requires a large, up-front retainer–often several thousand dollars.

I’ve eliminated all of these drawbacks by handling my debt collection defense cases with an unbundled, flat fee billing model. I will quote you a flat, fixed price for my services when you hire me so you will know the exact cost up front. Using a flat fee creates an incentive for me to solve your legal problem as quickly as possible because I have committed to a price from the beginning and you don’t have to worry about the meter always running when you talk to me. In addition, by unbundling my services, you pay a small amount–often several hundred dollars–for each task as it needs to be done, rather than a huge retainer at the outset. When you hire me, you will:

  • Always know the cost of my work before you hire me to do it.
  • Be in complete control of how much money you spend by choosing what tasks you want to hire me for
  • Pay for each service as you go, rather than paying a large, up-front retainer
  • Have the ability to save money by doing some of the work yourself

My Fees

Here are my prices for the most common tasks that may be needed to defend against a debt collector’s lawsuit:

  • Answering the lawsuit — $250
  • Serving written discovery on the creditor — $250
  • Responding to the creditor’s written discovery — $500
  • Negotiating a settlement or payment plan — $500

Every collection case is different, and you may not need all of these tasks to get your lawsuit resolved. I’m often able to resolve a collection lawsuit for between $500 and $1,000 in legal fees. And even if you only have a few hundred dollars to spend on an attorney, I can probably help you do some of the work that needs to be done, which is usually better than going it alone.

Here are my prices for some of the less common tasks that may be needed to defend a collection lawsuit:

  • Summary judgment brief & hearing — starting at $1,500
  • Motion to vacate a default judgment — starting at $1,000
  • Deposition — starting at $1,000
  • Mediation — starting at $1,000
  • Pre-trial & Trial — contact me for prices
  • 30 minute consultation — $175

These tasks are only required in a small handful of cases and with unbundled services you will always be in control of what you hire me to do. And if you don’t see something on this list, please contact me and we can discuss an appropriate flat fee.

All of the prices listed above will be the price in the overwhelming majority of debt collection cases, but if your case involves a very large debt or a business debt, a particularly unique legal issue, or significant travel, the prices may be higher. But I will always quote you a firm price before you hire me. Also, none of my prices include court costs. Not every case, however, will require court costs. In those that do, the court costs will typically be between $325 and $500.

If my flexible, no hidden-fee, billing model sounds like something you’re interested in then click here and take a few minutes to fill out my free online case evaluation form.