Elizabeth Warren talks to Rachel Maddow about Consumer Financial Protection Agency

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“The Wall Street lobbyists said they would kill it before it was ever born. They lost. And they lost because this is an agency that really is there for middle class families.”

Colbert on Consumer Financial Protection Agency

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“Banks are consumers, they consume our life savings.”

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Consumer Protection Agency – Barney Frank
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Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion tackles the Consumer Financial Protection Agency

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Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell

Video: Elizabeth Warren interview with The New Yorker about her Consumer Financial Protection Agency

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I must confess that I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard law professor who is the brains behind the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Warren was interviewed recently by The New Yorker about the CFPA. As usual, she does a great job of clearly and persuasively explaining the need for the CFPA. Take a look for yourself:

Consumer Financial Protection Agency debate heats up

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Last week, the House Financial Services Committee heard testimony from both supporters and opponents of the Obama administration’s proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency. The proposed agency would have the power to regulate mortgages, credit cards, and other consumer financial products. According to supporters of the proposed agency, the main benefits for consumers are:

(1) concentrating federal oversight of consumer transactions into one agency, rather than the myriad of agencies currently tasked with this oversight;

(2) allowing states more power to regulate consumer financial products as they see fit, rather than allowing the usually weaker federal laws to preempt the usually stronger state protections;

(3) requiring lenders to clearly disclose the costs and risks of the products they offer, rather than the current practice of burying incomprehensible terms in paragraph after paragraph of legalese; and

(4) leveling the playing field for consumers from minority groups that have often been the target of predatory and other unfair lending practices.

Perhaps the best testimony came from Hilary O. Shelton, the NAACP’s Vice President for Advocacy:

When they have been engaged, too many regulators have spent too much time in recent years asking ‘What’s the effect on the financial firm?” without asking ‘What’s the effect on consumers?” As a result, among other problems, regulators permitted inappropriate mortgages and abusive credit card practices. And the result of these misplaced priorities, as we have seen, has been an almost complete collapse of not only our Nation’s economy, but the near ruination of the global financial system as well.

Predictably, the banking industry and its Republican allies have responded with the usual fear-mongering. Representative Spencer Bachus (R) of Alabama threatened that the proposed agency would “create more confusion for consumers…and less consumer protection.” The banking industry has also threatened that increased consumer protection will, you guessed it, raise the cost of credit for consumers.

I linked to this a while ago, but this video has the best argument for why we need the proposed consumer protection agency. If you agree with me that we need this new agency to create and enforce consumer protections with real teeth, I urge you to contact your U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them you support the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.