Lost your wallet? 9 steps to take to protect yourself from identity theft.

April 12, 2011 by Todd Murray · Leave a Comment 

Losing your wallet (or having it stolen) can be a nightmare. Here are 9 steps to take to limit the damage, courtesy of Money Health Central:

1.  Call the police.  Report the crime.

2.  Call the credit card company and debit card banks to report the theft immediately.  They can deactivate the cards to prevent further charges.  These stolen cards were used within minutes at a nearby drug store for $24, twice at a gas station for $5, and at a convenience store for $59.

3.  If you have a joint account holder, call that person to look on the back of the card for the 24-hour telephone number to report stolen cards.  Google or call directory assistance.  Report the theft immediately!


To see the remaining 6 steps, click through (link below) to the Money Health Central post.

9 Steps To Protecting Yourself When Your Wallet Is Stolen Or Lost | Money Health Central | April 11, 2011